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The greatest joy my wife and I had in building our new home was working with Beadle Builders. They were accommodating and patient. There were times when my wife and I put in change requests because we did not like our preliminary design on cabinets, fireplaces, foyer trim, shower and bath trim and on some recessed ceilings. The Beadle team was forthcoming with suggestions to address our concerns. In regard to change requests, nobody is more qualified to improvise and do remarkable things with interior trim than Beadle Builders. In fact, the Beadle team’s efforts in our home have been professionally photographed, documented and published in two marketing catalogs for a millwork distributor. As it relates to dealing with change requests initiated by us as the builders, the pricing was exceptionally fair and less than other  market quotes.     
The greatest satisfaction we have today is walking into that house daily and literally pausing to marvel at the design and quality of craftsmanship  exhibited by the interior trim. Interior trim does not get dated. We  find great joy today when showing our home 10 years later as to demonstrate the craftsmanship of all the interior trim of the entire house. Our home is known in our community as the “moulding house”, with many innovative ways to demonstrate the way to use built-up mouldings. Our stair way is a piece of masterful work all done free hand by the Beadle team. It is beautiful and it too is published in marketing pamphlets.
Finally, we feel so blessed with the outcome our interior trim that we have and continue to offer our home to be viewed by others experts in the field via appointment. A few years ago, it was used as an occupied “model home” for viewing with emphasis the use for interior trim and wood flooring.  
                    -JOE DALLY, vice president of operations, Empire Lumber